Operation & Production Performance Improvement

High performance in Operations and Production management is critical to achieving a competitive advantage over competitors in industry. Most industry leaders owe their competitive superiority to high operational performance. Continuously improving on Operation & Production performance helps keep industry leaders at the top.

  • Industrial Process Improvement
  • Plant and Facilities layout improvement
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Management

Industrial Process Improvement

Industrial Process Improvements guarantee more efficient use of resources and more reliable equipment performance. This improves overall productivity and cost effectiveness.


Plant and Facilities layout improvement

Some organizations are not efficient in their operations and are usually unable to benefit sufficiently from improvement efforts because of unfavourable plant and work areas setup. Such situations require changes to the layout of facilities and work areas to realise improvements in operational efficiency.


Inventory Management

Inventory is a major source of locking up precious financial resources and also a source of financial loss or waste when inventory items become obsolete or get damaged through storage. However, it is also critical to achieving uninterrupted production, and delivering reliable service to customers. Its poor management can cost businesses their valuable customers hence, a critical balance is necessary. A good inventory management strategy can be arrived at after assessing the nature of operation of a business and the needed requirements for meeting customers’ expectations.


Quality Management

Process and product quality can only be assured by putting in place effective quality management systems and strategies. Consistent delivery of quality products and services is critical to maintaining and increasing market share